Apple iMourn editorial cartoon and Top 10 Steve Jobs jokes

Steve Jobs passed away, the heavens shook with thunder and lightning in the iCloud.” — Yasha Harari
“Top 10 Steve Jobs jokes”
10. How different would the world be if Steve Jobs had chosen to get through his career doing average jobs?
9. Internet: Steve Jobs invented the Internet. No, not really, but he sure did a lot more for it than Al Gore.
8. Iambic Pentameter: Steve Jobs created Apple Computer with Steve Wozniak. They helped the future.
7. Revolutionary: Steve Jobs was a revolutionary who believed that people – especially those with money – should have great computer devices defined by simplicity, reliability, high prices, and missing features.
6. Business: The day Steve Jobs passed away averaged 10,000 tweets per second about the late Apple co-creator – the highest in its history to date – making it one of the most unproductive business days on record.
5. Haiku: Steve Jobs passed away.  Did you blog about it on an Apple product?
4. Capitalism: Some of Steve Jobs biggest fans are people who paid lots of money to use his products to complain about the high prices of Apple’s amazing, innovative, stylish consumer electronics
3. Competition: Microsoft’s Bill Gates wrote some very kind words about Steve Jobs when the Apple co-founder passed away. He wished iPods, iPhones and iPads had died instead.
2. Politics: Steve Jobs transcended politics, by remembering that in business, it’s not how many votes you get. It’s how many loyal, happy customers you earn.
… and the #1 Steve Jobs joke  is:
1. Sadly, Steve Jobs passed away in 2011. He launched the Macintosh computer 27 years earlier with great fanfare. So, do you know why 1984 was not like 1984?
Reference: Yasha Harari for