Job Interview cartoon and Top 10 Job Interview jokes

“It’s tough going to job interviews in a global recession because employers don’t like hiring the unemployed, unless you want to volunteer.” — Yasha Harari
“Top 10 Job Interview jokes”
10. Economics: A job interview that asks you to pay for the position is a sales job, and you’re the buyer.
9. You can always sway a job interview your way by making sure the candidate before and after you are even worse for the position than you.
8. Iambic Pentameter: If you think you aced your job interviews, then you should not suffer the job hunt blues.
7. Politicians are great at job interviews because they know how to tell the employers whatever they want to hear until they are hired.
6. Philosophical: What would Jesus do to succeed in a job interview?
5. Haiku: A job interview is something like an exam without do-overs.
4. Why aren’t video games used as Job Interview tests? 
3. Internet: The best part about online job interviews, is you can do them in your pajamas.
2. Most people would do better in any job interview if only they knew what not to say.
… and the #1 Job Interview joke  is:
1. Not every job interview requires you to wear a suit. In fact, you will be asked to remove business attire for any sanitation or fry cook position.
Reference: Yasha Harari for