President Obama Political cartoon and Top 10 President Obama Job Performance jokes

“Critics of President Obama say he is taking too many days off when he should be hard at work solving America’s problems, like, how many more wasteful entitlements can he safeguard by begging China for more money.” — Yasha Harari
“Top 10 President Obama Job Performance jokes”
10. People who complain that Obama takes too many vacations should at least be thankful that on those days he’s not around the office spending more money.
9. You know President Obama can’t be sleeping too much, not because of his job, but because of all the time he spends chatting online
8. The truth is that President Obama has taken far fewer vacation days than his predecessor, because as he put it, he’s still “cleaning up the mess” Bush left for him at Camp David.
7. If you were to grade President Obama’s Job Performance, you would have to consider the fact that he inherited policies he did not like, and faces a lot of politicians that don’t like him.
6. You can’t judge President Obama’s job performance by his results alone. Remember, he has Dreams of his Father.
5. If President Obama were performing any better at his job, the White House would be flooded with angry phone calls … from China. 
4. The job performance of President Obama isn’t black and white, or something you can judge in three years’ time, but it is something you can understand the day after the 2012 presidential elections.
3. When you think that all is lost and America is going down the tubes, just remember, YouTube is an American company, and President Obama gave you an endless font of Hope and Change.
2. Don’t blame President Obama for the State of the Union. He’s just stars as the messenger in the current Act of political theater.
… and the #1 President Obama Job Performance joke is:
1. President Obama’s Job Performance can be summed up in three words: Miss Clinton Yet?
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