US Postal Service editorial cartoon and top 10 USPS jokes

“Woe be those who wish the USPS to disappear. Should they vanish, who would dogs chase?” — Yasha Harari
“Top 10 USPS jokes”
10. In 2011, you can send a first class letter to anywhere in the United States for 44 cents, which is a great deal, and you can email for next to nothing, which is only a worse deal if you run the USPS.
9. On the Internet, maybe nobody knows you’re a dog, but the USPS Mailman does. 
8. USPS Letter Carriers are disappointed that Management has not made a deal with the government to fix their problem, using the same tactics tried in Egypt, Iran, Libya and Syria: Shutting off the Internet.
7. You can say a lot by email, but a real letter sent by the US Postal Service says you still care about the important things in life, like paper cuts and envelopes..  
6. Who made the Postmaster General and General, anyway? And since when are the legions of USPS letter carriers an army?
5. If the US Postal Service defaults on their loan payment, you may no longer be able to get your snail mail on time, if they manage to sell the quasi government company to China.
4. The USPS is an army whose hapless strategy is to stamp out the enemy.
3. Amazingly, the US Postal Service has not managed to reinforce its vital role in the American cultural fabric through mass media and Hollywood, despite the fact that they know the street address of every movie director, news maker and media mogul.
2. You may not think much of the US Postal Service, but I bet you smile when one of their mail carriers delivers that special package you’ve been expecting. 
… and the #1 USPS joke is:
1.  If it ain’t broke, it ain’t the USPS.
Reference: Yasha Harari for