Themes Memes and Laser Beams – A Funny Stuff Collection of 101 Cartoons by Laughzilla from, available on Amazon and Lulu.
Funny Stuff: 101 Cartoons from, available on Amazon and Lulu.

Press Release 2011 October 27 – Themes Memes and Laser Beams from The Daily Dose now available in Paperback on Amazon

Themes Beams and Laser Beams hits the bookshelves on Amazon.comFOR IMMEDIATE (Press Release) – October 27, 2011 – Just in time for the start of the 16th year of The Daily Dose, the critically acclaimed editorial cartoon book Themes Memes and Laser Beams by Laughzilla for featuring commentary cartoons from the Spring and Summer of 2011 is now available on Amazon in paperback format.The book, which draws a comical view of the events of the very busy news and cultural topics of the Spring and Summer of 2011 are exhibited as “Memoires of the Spring and Summer of 2011” and are not approved or endorsed by the Obama White House or any of his GOP rivals seeking the highest office in the land in 2012.

This book is for any wonk or news junkie looking for a great cartoon book to buy and own or give as a gift. The printed works created by the Cartoonist Yasha Harari provide countless laughs, for a very competitive fee. This tome of illustrated treasures will forever live as a snapshot of the tumultuous times on Earth (and in Space), between April and September of 2011.

The new paperback edition contains a foreword and artwork by celebrated illustrator Yonatan Frimer of fame.

Yasha Harari is an veteran cartoonist drawing for more than thirty years and cartooning commercially since 1996. His cartoons are popular, suitable for general audiences, top-ranked in Google and are read every day by people all over the world, online and offline.

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editorial cartoon book cover art from Themes Memes and Laser Beams by laughzilla for the daily dose


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