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cocoa cake with choco icing and whipped cream

so good … it’s a triple tasty treat! 🙂

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Chez The Daily Dose, we strive to bring you food as an irresistible, sumptuous, delicious collection of some of the finest epicurious delights from around the globe.

What do foodie pages have to do with The Daily Dose and its brand of humor?

At The Daily Dose, our passions are good times, laughs, and sharing food and drink with our friends. And we know we’re not rare in that. Those are some of the staples of every society and culture.

In honoring the cultural heritage of kitchens all throughout humanity, our culinary corner is yours to enjoy, share, and refine. If you have any recipes you would like to see included in this exhibit of opulent food p04n, feel free to Submit them in the form below. All suggestions will be seriously considered, and the best will be personally reviewed, tasted (if possible), and possibly published.

Fit for any table, from pauper to king, these tasty dishes will make your belly sing!” — Yasha Harari

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