Laughzilla has drawn editorial cartoons written jokes and posted video and other funny stuff about Google – yes, the same goog that runs a great deal the neterweb you are now on. Pity Carl Sagan and his daughter’s great number name invention, now reduced to a worldwide computer software firm delivering “billions and billions” of information requests every single day.Would you use the terrific free Google products and services if you had to submit your actual fingerprint?Would you use all the great google stuff if you had to submit your DNA?How easily do you give away your privacy to large corporations who nibble at your freedom in return for marketing gimmicks and consumer goodies?

R.I.P. Google Nexus One Phone (2010 – 2010)

Google pulls the Nexus smartphone off the market

Google Motorola NexusOne phone pulled off market editorial cartoon by laughzilla for

The year was 2010 and Google brought to market, and then quickly took off market, their very own smartphone which they made and marketed with Motorola in order to compete with the Apple iPhone. This cartoon pokes fun at the inability of Google to dominate every market – something the engineering corporation has long denied to itself. A year later, during the Summer of 2011, Google purchased Motorola, to create their own phones wholly from start to finish.

Online Privacy

G+ Real Names Issue: Summer 2011

Online Privacy (following G+ Real Names issue)

Google+ (G+) launched in beta during the Summer of 2011, and soon faced the Real Names Issue: Whether or not to permit users to use profiles with pseudonyms, avatars, nicknames, and even real names which do not fit into their Western “First Name, Middle Name, Last Name” format. Following great debate, Google held the line and decided that it would only permit real names that fit their format, even if that means risking people’s privacy, and in some cases their safety.

This editorial cartoon pokes fun at the issue by sampling a classic 1980’s anti-drug commercial, with a spin on Internet privacy.

Drawn originally with ink on paper as a line art cartoon by laughzilla for

Google Copyright Policy

How Google views the right to copy stuff online.

Google Copyright Policy

In April 2011, Google announced rather stunning copyright and fair use policies about content crawled from the web, commonly found on Google services.

This editorial cartoon pokes fun at the policy they maintain, which seems hypocritical to many analysts. The policy is basically summed up as: It’s OK for Google to copy everything and make money from it. But you can’t.

Line drawing first drawn using ink on paper by laughzilla for

G+ vs. Facebook

Battle of the Social Network Stars

G+ vs. Facebook editorial cartoon by laughzilla for

In July 2011, Google launched a beta version (by invitation only) of what it calls Google Plus (G+) – it’s own social network – in order to eat away at facebook’s marketshare / mindshare of the social network market.

This editorial cartoon by laughzilla for captures the combative, if good-natured, launch and subsequent fight between the two corporations, both trying to position themselves as the biggest and default social network.

Originally drawn using ink on paper as a line drawing.


Chinese Attack Gmail

China does not attack U.S. Banks – thanks to Obamanomics, they’re not worth it

China attacks Gmail

Gmail – the popular email service from Google, claimed in June of 2011 that it was attacked by hackers in China. The Chinese government officially denied any links to the attack, and accused Google of playing into the hands of American and Western propaganda agents.

This editorial cartoon pokes fun at the attack and the fact that the hackers did not bother to attack easier targets, like American banks, because they were not worth it, thanks to the unsuccessful economic policies of the President Obama White House Administration.

Originally created using ink on paper, as a line drawing, by Laughzilla for


Two Yahoos on Internets

How a couple o’ yokels use Google to advance their simple dreams

Two Yahoos on Internets editorial business cartoon by Laughzilla for

What are people doing online, anyway? Well, some Yahoo uses the interwebz to do searches, and other Yahoos use it to find ways to make more money. Others do other stuff online. Betting, buying, building, and other actions starting with B. Laughzilla takes a couple of Yahoos to task on their ambition and motivation for success on the Internet in this editorial cartoon hand drawn and published on The Daily Dose.

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