The Daily Dose loves cats kittens and felines of all kinds.

Here are some of our favorite cute kitty images and funny cat videos … featuring a kitten named Bucket and a cat called Pumi.

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Video: Cat Retriever 2 – The Fetching


 Video: Cat Retriever


bucket the kitten and pumi the cat relaxing on a couch january 2012

miaow miaow


hamster on kitten january 2012

is your hamster brave?


baby kitten and mother cat on top of a recycling bin

2 cats Sitting on top of Oscar the Grouch’s house



bucket the kitten gives some paw to one of her humans

what can your bucket do?


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If you don’t have a cat and are thinking of getting one, be sure to learn all you can about cats before adopting or buying any. Taking in any life onto your responsibilities is a lifetime commitment and should not be taken lightly.