Al Qaeda Jobs Editorial cartoon and Top 10 Al Qaida Employment jokes

“Al Qaida employees don’t mind all the labor-intensive parts of the job. It’s just that they tend to explode when it drones on and on.” — Yasha Harari
“Top 10 Al Qaida Employment jokes”
10. Al Qaeda employees don’t have healthcare, because they’re all trying to get to the next life as quickly as they can.
9. Americans who are underemployed don’t even want to work for Al Qaeda, because they don’t like the corporate communications.
8. If Al Qaida hired everyone of the millions of unemployed American that flies to Pakistan or Afghanistan for terror training, would that be a form of offshore outsourcing the US Government could support?
7. Al Qaida employs people for all sorts of logistics and support roles.  Someone has to count the goats and properly manage all the poor propaganda.
6. Jobs Ad see in an Al Qaeda media outlet: Work for Al Qaeda. It’s Da Bomb.
5. Al Qaeda thinks they are harming America and the free nations of the West, but what they have actually done is secured long-term growth in defense contractor and military jobs.
4. Al Qaida corporate policy prohibits employees from divulging any operational secrets. Violators will be forbidden from participating in any new, explosive ventures.
3. Somewhere in Michigan, a Japanese-American man named Al Kaida is finding it very hard to hire anyone for his belt manufacturing business.
2. Al Qaeda has no legal defense fund, because they killed all the lawyers that learned how to defend them.
… and the #1 Al Qaeda employment joke is:
1. Al Qaeda is not worried about employees stealing their innovative business strategies, because any such tactics would be short-lived.
Reference: Yasha Harari for