OK folks, here you go.

I’ve started to publish the Bitcoin comic.

I have been creating Bitcoin comics offline and not publishing them, since I first started to mine them. Mostly out of curiosity. I just never found the right way to start publishing crypto cartoons. Because life. So many things happened in the last decade that just prevented me from doing this. Well, finally, at long last, I’m doing it. Here you go. It’s the first one I’m releasing. I may publish earlier ones, later. Not sure yet. We’ll see how this keeps evolving. A lot of it depends on your feedback, comments, criticisms, etc.

Just so we’re clear: This is not in response to Bitcoin & Friends, which is an amazing animated cartoon show (Not for Kids!) that if you’re an adult and you’re into crypto, then you should definitely watch and subscribe to on YouTube.

My editorial cartoons are intended to capture and comment on one idea at a time, whereas a whole animated show is obviously on a totally different scale and an entirely different creature.

As anyone may know, I’ve been drawing economics related editorial financial cartoons for a long time. Euroman, Buck, and a host of other characters from the Fiat, Futures, Stocks and Commodities markets were the focus of my pen for some years (ironically while i had already *stopped* mining bitcoin — not by choice!) and I still do that to this day.

Anyway, the time has come. The time is now. I sincerely hope you enjoy the Bitcoin comics, and share it with your friends.

Live, Love, Laugh!