Carlos Latuff Palestine Dream Editorial cartoon and Top 10 Carlos Latuff jokes

“If what you create is your character’s proof, then hatred is what makes up Carlos Latuff.” — Yasha Harari
“Top 10 Carlos Latuff jokes”
10. Carlos Latuff may be a good, if misguided soul, but you wouldn’t know it from reading his cartoons.
9. You may think it’s unfair to single out Carlos Latuff for satire, and then you’d be an idiot who doesn’t understand the meaning of free speech.
8. Carlos Latuff wants freedom for Arabs … to destroy Israel.
7. Political cartoonist Carlos Latuff compares Jews to Nazis and Palestinians to Jewish Holocaust victims, which is perfectly logical to ignorami.
6. Carlos Latuff, a staunch supporter of the Arab Spring, is also a font of vitriol against Israel, because Allah forbid that the Jewish State might improve its relations with the recently liberated Arabs.
5. Ethnic cleansing is a charge thrown at Israel by editorial cartoonist Carlos Latuff, and it’s what he hopes Palestinians will do to the Jewish State. 
4. Maybe it’s not fair to judge Carlos Latuff entirely by the body of his work, but it’s fair to do a Top Ten joke list about his hatred.
3. You can’t judge a book by its cover, but you can judge editorial cartoonist Carlos Latuff by his anti-Israel cartoons.
2. Political cartoonist Carlos Latuff wants peace (without Israel) in the Middle East.
… and the #1 Carlos Latuff joke is:
1. Carlos Latuff is not a terrorist, proving he’s smart enough to know that his pen is mightier than their bombs.
Reference: Yasha Harari for


N.B. The Daily Dose respects the right of free speech, especially when it’s objectionable.  That includes the right for Carlos Latuff to publish his hateful opinions, as well as his peaceful ones. And we respect the right to score his work with our own opinions.