Cartoon Collections of The Daily Dose

The cartoon collections from The Daily Dose are rare and displayed here on occasion.

Why a Cartoon Collections page must you have?

The Daily Dose covers a wide range of issues. Over time, some issues become nice little collections of related works drawn by Laughzilla. Here are some. Click on any of the images below to go to a page with a collection of editorial cartoons about the related topic. Enjoy!

president hu satirized as uncle sam parody for occupy wal*mart cartoon collection  China

Cartoons about the Chinese nation and their growing influence around the world. (Ongoing)






Muamar Gadaffy loses his mind in a speech - click here to see the fabled gadaffi cartoon collection of The Daily Dose  Gadaffy

Cartoons spanning the length of the Libyan war to oust Muamar Ghadaffy from power (2011)






privacy online editorial cartoon collection image linking to a page about google comics  Google

Cartoons about Google, the world’s most popular network of sites and services online. (Ongoing)






We are in the occupy business editorial cartoon  #OccupyWallStreet

Cartoons about Anonymous and the Occupy Wall Street movement and various offshoot efforts around the world. (2011 – )