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2011 October 29 – The Daily Dose Kicks Off Its 16th Year and #OccupyLaughter with New Books and More Irreverent Laughter

Sweet 16th Year of The Dailiy Dose starts off with new comic books and bigger laughs (Press Release) – October 29, 2011 – The Daily Dose ( started off its sixteenth year in style today, with a fresh new cartoon of its widely-loved Books You Never Read series, featuring itself in a satirical Sweet 16 comic strip panel. Taking pen to paper to publish unlikely titles, The highly acclaimed editorial cartoon is doing its part to improving literacy rates through humor.Over the past year, The Daily Dose has published the highly praised cartoon books “Funny Stuff” and “Themes Memes and Laser Beams” in ebook, Kindle and paperback formats, as well as making available thousands of products featuring the hilarious cartoons of The Daily Dose.

“We have led the Interweb Super Laughway with Avant-Garde humor that becomes cultural memes over time, and by poking our finger in the third eye of our subjects” said The Daily Dose founder Yasha Harari. “Our mission from the start was to improve people’s lives one laugh at a time” Mr. Harari said, adding, “We have made many Millions of people laugh over the past 15 years, and we remain dedicated to that cause even if it causes many more funny epic FAIL situations along the way. That is why we have launched Operation #OccupyLaughter – to take back the power of laughter from the top 1% most evil good humorists and share it with the other 99% who deserve a larger share of the laughs.”The Daily Dose expects to publish new titles in the coming year, including more books, posters, clothes, mugs and coasters, and is investing a great deal of R&D into determining the best snacks and beverages to consume while enjoying the very freshest funnies it produces. With fan feedback ranging from “#4 made me lol.” to “dude, that was lame.” The Daily Dose is bigger, strong, and better than ever. Exceeding all expectations, the laughs keep spreading.
Referring to the cartoonist’s nom de plume, super fan girl Jenny Gomez said, “Everyday Laughzilla’s cartoons and jokes get so many hits, if The Daily Dose was a boxer, by now he’d either be the World Champion or a bloody pulp.”

“It’s simple, really.” explained Mr. Harari, “We survived the first Internet bubble, the first Internet recession, 9/11, wars, terror, the housing bubble, the housing implosion, the bank bailouts, the car company bailouts, the Arab Spring, the global debt crisis and Occupy Wall Street. You can count on The Daily Dose being around for a very long time, at least until you share this story with someone else.”

Yasha Harari is a veteran cartoonist drawing for more than thirty years and cartooning commercially since 1996, as a result of working in a K Street “power corridor” Washington, DC Lobby. His cartoons are popular, suitable for general audiences, top-ranked in Google and are read every day by people all over the world, online and offline.

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WARNING: People under the influence of The Daily Dose should not text while using power tools, and should be fully prepared to breathe while laughing out loud.

The Daily Dose offers an ideal place for advertisers to promote products and services to people in a good, happy, and improving mood, who enjoy life and are actively looking for ways to improve their smiling, active living.

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