The Very Best Editorial Cartoons

How do you measure your own greatness?

We take pride in the quality and the artistic handmade craftsmanship involved in creating the high-brow, high-caliber chuckles and guffaws that only the snootiest of snooty snoots would dare to chortle at, for only they have the authority, power, money and influence necessary to do so and get away with it. Every time one of our cartoons or jokes makes them laugh, someone learns to appreciate Proust or other great snobbery. And each time one of our cartoons or jokes does not amuse a snob, a commoner is flogged or trampled while reciting praises of thanks to the power elite for being so kind hearted.

Yes, there’s nothing quite like being the source of comic inspiration for the connected and corrupted members of the good ol’ boys’ club, and all of the super conspiratorial secret hush hush groups that you suspect are real. Here’s the truth. They’re all real. We are in all of them. Especially the ones that seem to conflict. Behind the scenes, we’re all just one big giant group that controls everything.

What do you have to say to the commoner?

Too bad if you’re not a member.

Of course, you could join if you wanted, maybe. Your first step: Subscribe to The Daily Dose, and in each cartoon Laughzilla draws for us and in joke we publish, we reveal at least one secret that, if you follow and solve all of the clues, will lead you to a place where one day, you may be considered to join the illustrious ranks of all the snobbishly snobby snobs of the elite empire of entirely ridiculous reality.

Is there anything you would like to tell the poor?

Please, whatever you do, don’t buy bitcoin, or any other crypto. Leave it for us, the wealthiest of the wealthy and the richest of the rich, to buy, and own the future of finance and wealth. After all, we super elites need poor people to do all our dirty work for us.

Who is behind this brash, socially impolitic madness of immense elitist hilarity?

This message has been approved by the Jaberwocky Ukelele Foundation for the Preservation of Hardened Volcanic Lava Flows.