Gadaffy Assad Annan editorial cartoon and Top 10 outgoing leader jokes

This set of Gadaffy Assad Annan caricatures and jokes about outgoing leaders comes with a money-back guarantee.

“Russia and China are sad to see Mr. Annan quit, because they know that with Kofi Annan on the job, dictators stay in power.” — Yasha Harari

“Top 10 Gadaffy Assad Annan outgoing leader jokes”
10. Gaddafy, Assad and Annan are all hanging out with an avatar of God in 2010. They tell God’s spirit their plans for the next five years, and get laughed out of the room.
9. Qadafi communes with Assad from the grave, and they both laugh at how much Kofi Annan loves to FAIL at his special envoy job.
8. Haiku: Ghadafi is gone. Annan quit. Assad is still in power, for now.
7. Assad, Khadafi and Annan are the triumvirate of modern diplomatic failure.
6. The United Nations and the Arab League are sad to see Kofi Annan quit his job as special envoy to Syria, because it means now they have to pick another puppet to lead the way to more death and destruction in the Middle East.
5. Assad’s Syrian armed forces are attacking Palestinian refugee camps in Syria, because he wants to show them the same hospitality he gives his own people.
4. Now that Bashar al-Assad has used his lethal fireworks to kill more Syrians than his father did on the streets of Syria, might he be overqualified to win a Nobel Peace Prize?
3. Annan, Assad and Ghadafi are to blame for the rising cost of ordinance in the Middle East.
2. Ghadaffy died. Assad is fighting to hang on, and Annan quit. And you thought people power was passe’.
… and the #1 outgoing leader joke is:
1. Where do former politicians and dictators go to find a new job?
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