G4S 2012 Olympics Greeting Card cartoon and Top 10 Olympic Games jokes

“Let the Games be gin.” — Yasha Harari


“Top 10 Olympics jokes”

10. Track is where the fastest footed Olympians prove that sometimes, rather than to stand your ground for no good reason, it is smarter to run away from your competition.
9. Field is where Olympians have the most fun, with the discus throw (plate toss), the hammer throw, or the javelin (throwing spear). And thanks to the architecture, if they do really extraordinarily well at the 2012 Olympics, they can injure to someone in the crowd.
8. Rowing is an Olympic sport, advancing one stroke at a time. And at the London 2012 Olympics, they even managed to carry the flaming torch in a boat, the Gloriana. So much for running the fire to the stadium.
7. Fencing at the Olympic Games slashes its way forward and makes a good point. Touche’.
6. Weightlifting has the weight of the Olympic games on its shoulders, and that’s just because the IOC is a clean jerk.
5. Swimming just proves that on water, boats are faster than swimmers.
4. Wrestling is grappling with itself as an Olympic sport at the 2012 Olympic Games because the athletes could make up the difference in brute force needed by the security services.
3. Judo has a choke-hold on the Olympic Games.
2. Water Polo players are discouraged from urinating in the pool, even if it warms their cockles in the cold English Summer.
… and the #1 Olympic Games joke is:
1. When Olympic opportunity rings, don’t violate the trademarked IOC logo.
Reference: Yasha Harari for TheDailyDose.com.