Corruption editorial cartoon and Top 10 Olympic Badminton jokes

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“China, South Korea and Indonesia set a unique new tri-national world record in having 8 of their badminton athletes thrown out of the Olympic Games for corruption, so at least they’ll be remembered for something they did.” — Yasha Harari

“Top 10 Olympic badminton corruption jokes”
10. It’s not that sports on courts are more corrupt than others. Widespread corruption runs rife in the Olympic Games. Badminton was just served with a wide net in 2012.
9. Visit Indonesia – We aren’t just the largest Muslim democracy that still pressures women to wear headscarves, we also have corrupt and shamed former Olympian badminton players.
8. The Badminton 8 as they have come to be known, are ashamed of their actions, because it means they have revealed their secret technique for qualifying for the Olympic Games in the first place.
7. The shamed Korean badminton players of 2012 shared the Olympic spirit, with corrupt plots.
6. Little Joey was saddened to hear about the corrupt badminton players at the 2012 Olympic Games, until he figured out that it was the perfect response to the next time he refused to eat, and his mother told him once again about the poor kids in China.
5. Haiku: Badminton birds fly. Competition’s in the air. Unless China plays.
4. If you ever thought Badminton is not an Olympic sport, now you know: At least it lives up to the IOC’s standards for ethics.
3. Olympic badminton players found out we were scoring them in this collection of jokes, and they got so mad, they flipped us the bird, that’s right I said shuttlecock, stuffed with a note that read “$10k in cash if you just shut up!”
2. After decades of scandal becoming almost banal, maybe the Olympic Creed, “Faster, higher, stronger”, should be changed to “Political judges, performance enhancing drugs and corrupt athletes”.
… and the #1 Olympic badminton joke is:
1. Somewhere in China today, a little girl dreams of being an Olympic badminton champion when she grow up, if only she can master her inner corruption chi.
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