Online Privacy cartoon and Top 10 Internet privacy jokes

“As the Internet grows, the choice of massive online social networks dwindles, and with it, your right to keep private your psycho pink bunny outfit pics.” — Yasha Harari
“Top 10 Internet Privacy jokes”
10. The Internet used to be a place where you could remain nameless, and everyone knew you are a dog. Now the Internet is so large, and so constricted by large networks, that you can only remain nameless if your name is Anonymous.
9. Emails are postcards. Tweets are notes you pass around in class that everyone sees.
8. The best method for keeping your privacy online is not to be online. The second best method to keep your privacy online is to publish junk nobody cares to look at. 
7. Do you really think former Congressman Anthony Weiner would have been forced out of office for publicly tweeting his Weiner, if Bill Clinton were President?
6. The EFF has long fought to protect people’s freedoms and privacy online. If you’ve never heard of the EFF, that tells you how well they’ve done.
5. If Facebook and Google really believed that your online privacy is important, then why won’t they verify the discrete account of Mr. Snuffleupagus?
4. American Labor Unions believe workers should have complete privacy in their personal time online, except when it comes to their votes on Union related matters.
3. The term ‘digital fingerprints‘ is redundant.
2. If you want to confuse the Googlers, create a Google account and sign up for every service they offer, and fill it with blank documents, and other documents that tell the Google crawlers that you are reading their email in order to deliver more targeted ads to them.
… and the #1 Internet Privacy joke is:
1. If it’s online, it’s public. If it’s offline, it may be private, until a digital recording device shows up.
Reference: Yasha Harari for