Future of Libya political cartoon and Top 10 Equitable Libya jokes

“Now that Gadhafi’s crazy colorful costumes are out of the spotlight, fashionistas must rely on the silly styles of Lady Gaga.” — Yasha Harari
“Top 10 Equitable Libya jokes”
10. In an Equitable Libya, all people will be equal, except for those the new government does not like.
9. Afghanistan, Iraq, Tunisia, Egypt, Yemen and Libya. Six nascent free Muslim nations, trying to build democracies. Finally, you can thank President George W. Bush, President Barack Obama, and WikiLeaks.
8. Libya’s oil production was in negotiation between foreign investors and the National Transitional Council (NTC) even before Moamar Gadhafi was ousted from power, because they wanted to secure long term contracts with any leader who doesn’t have a dozen different ways to spell his name. 
7. GAME OVER: Gadaffi And Middle East Oppressors Verily Excited Revolution.
6. Tripoli suffered a water main outage as soon as Gadhafi was run out of town by the Rebel army, and residents say that’s OK as long as the man in the silly hats doesn’t come back.
5. Libya’s governing Transitional National Council (TNC) says it wants to give women equal rights, as long as they stay quiet and in their place.
4. Al-Megrahi, aka: the Lockerbie bomber, has been found in Libya, on his deathbed and without medication. Relatives of the mid-air bombing victims of the PanAm flight released a statement that read: Boo-hoo-hoo. Psyche!
3. China and Russia have kept relatively quiet during and since the Arab Spring Civil War in Libya. Meanwhile their arms dealers and construction companies are signing deals left and right to build an equitable Libya they can corrupt.
2. The TNC promises a free press in Libya’s more equitable future, and they will prosecute anyone who prints stories showing that it isn’t.
… and the #1 Equitable Libya is:
1. In an equitable Libya, all citizens will receive a share of the oil profits, thus devaluing the currency further and keeping the poor as they are.
Reference: Yasha Harari for TheDailyDose.com