Themes Memes and Laser Beams book cover cartoon and Top 10 book distribution jokes

“Nothing gets your inner fire going like publishing under a deadline, except maybe a foreclosure notice.” — Yasha Harari
“Top 10 book distribution jokes”
10. Publishers facing distribution deadlines are always under pressure to get the printed pages out the door, because the authors are constantly bringing in more trees.
9. Book distribution is part science, part art, and part luck. The trick is the last part. 
8. If book distribution is how Obama helped himself succeed at becoming President of the United States, then why doesn’t he use the same tactic to fix America’s economy?
7. Would your book distribution improve if Muamar Gadhafi were your leader?
6. The reason there is no social network like facebook, google+ or twitter that lets publishers contact readers en masse, is because people prefer reading about toilet updates.
5. You can’t judge a book by its cover, but you can prevent needless delays in your book distribution if you don’t cover a book by its judge.
4. So you want to distribute more books? Ever tried airdropping the pages as leaflets from a Hercules C-130 cargo airplane? 
3. In the grand scheme of things, book distribution is just one component in a long process to ensure that people can read an original work. Of course you could just grab what you want from a torrent site.
2. You can be sure your book distribution is working, usually as soon as you receive your first complaint.
… and the #1 book distribution joke  is:
1. If you’re a book distributor, why are you reading this? 
Reference: Yasha Harari for