Gadaffi Assad political cartoon and Top 10 Middle East conflict jokes

“Gadaffi and Assad walk into a bar and repress everyone inside.” — Yasha Harari
“Top 10 Middle East conflict jokes”
10. Gadaffi is to sanity as Assad is to compassion.
9. The Arab Spring of 2011 has proven that Egypt and Tunisia are not like Libya or Syria, where dictators can still rely on brute force and bad American politics to cling to power.
8. Would Gadafi and Assad be laughing through the hot summer of 2011, if Angry Birds were President? 
7. Q: How many Middle East dictators does it take to stick a finger in the eye of NATO? A: One, but he really has to love his lifestyle.
6. A demonstrator against the Syrian regime is shot for demanding more freedoms, and Assad asks the corpse, “Do you still want your democracy now?”
5. If Steve Jobs was tasked with creating an Apple solution to the wars raging across the Middle East, the solution would cost twice as much as any other option, but it would look and feel very sleek, it would be very intuitive, and it would work.
4. President Obama doesn’t have time to get rid of Qaddaffi or Assad. He’s busy fixing the American economy, Chicago style.
3. Arms manufacturers are sick and tired of being accused of prolonging conflicts in the Middle East to pad their bottom line. They want people to know that the weapons they make reduce unemployment at both ends of the process.
2. Members of the Libyan Gaddafi tribe and the Syrian Alawite tribe both support their leader with such vigor, it makes you wonder why Western politicians don’t employ similar methods.
… and the #1 Middle East conflict joke is:
1. Q: How do you spell regime change in Libya and Syria? A: Ka-Boom!
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