Clean Energy cartoon and Top 10 clean energy jokes

“Clean energy may save you money on your electric bill, but it still won’t wash your dishes.” — Yasha Harari
“Top 10 Clean Energy jokes”
10. The latest breakthrough clean energy technology is SOAP: Self Operating Antibacterial Power.
9. In an effort to make wind power more popular, clean energy companies are recruiting politicians as spokespeople since they are the most powerful windbags.
8. One clean energy technology that is catching on is SOLAR: Science Of Light And Radiation, aka: Simple Old Luminescent Art Research. 
7. Oceans may solve the world’s energy needs if we harness the power of WAVES: Worldwide Alternative Vague Energy Science.
6. The biggest obstacle to the mass adoption of clean energy is said to be power storage, known as batteries, but actually what’s stopping it is the Energizer Bunny and his slick friends at OPEC.
5. You can clean your friends and you can clean your house, but you can’t clean energy.
4. If God intended Man to use Clean Energy, then why are there so many dead dinosaurs and no wind turbine fossils?
3. Clean Energy may solve the world’s energy needs, but then all the dirty energy would feel dejected and cast out.
2. Clean Energy is wonderful, but would you really fly across an ocean in a solar powered airplane at night?
… and the #1 Clean Energy joke is:
1. If E=MC^2, then Clean E=MC^2 + soap, water, a sponge and elbow grease.
Reference: Yasha Harari for