Hillary Clinton caricature and Top Ten Hillary Clinton jokes

“Hillary Clinton has achieved more popularity in being Obama’s international face, than she ever did making a ruckus. No wonder she’s leaving her State Department job.” — Yasha Harari

“Top 10 Hillary Clinton jokes”
10. Stand by her man: Easier than standing by her boss, Barack Obama, for four more years.
9. Middle East: Secretary Clinton could not solve the problems of the Middle East any easier than she could fix Bill’s habitual dalliances.
8. Two words: Diplomatic failure.
7. Haiku: Hillary Clinton. You rose to fame through power. That’s an ego trip.
6. The Matrix: An agent has just gone rogue … by retiring and not going away.
5. Politics: Secretary Clinton has risen from politician to statesman … or stateswoman. And thus, the main parties can glad-hand her when times are good, and diss her the chips are down.
4. Diplomacy: The U.S. Secretary of State Clinton would just like to remind everyone that just because she is retiring from diplomacy, does not mean she will remain in the shadows for long, as she intends to do very undiplomatic things in order to stay relevant for another bid at the presidential election in 2016.
3. Lobbyists: For people who lobby on behalf of foreign dictatorships, the only thing worse than a U.S. Secretary of State named Mrs. Clinton, is a retired U.S. Secretary of State named Mrs. Clinton who has nothing to lose by letting all of the poisons slip out.
2. Business: For CEOs, the only thing worse for business than a Clinton in politics, is a Clinton out of politics who won’t stop talking reminiscing.
… and the #1 Hillary Clinton joke is:
1. Three words: Egypt and Libya.
Reference: Yasha Harari for TheDailyDose.com.