Earthians or Marslings editorial cartoon and Top 10 Nomenclature jokes

“Even the worst Science Fiction stories might be a lot more believable if they had proper, consistent nomenclature.” — Yasha Harari

“Top 10 Nomenclature jokes”
10. You can’t invent nomenclatures that already exist, but you can bribe the officials who control future naming structures.
9. Would you prefer to have your nomenclature discovery first lampooned in the Oxford Dictionary, or published in Webster’s Dictionary? .
8. If you had invented the nomenclature for the shaggy dog joke, would you have preferred the term fuzzy cat or mangy hyena? 
7. Aliens from outer space have long been trying to label human beings in their own language. For now they use a word in their tongue that means “massively capable, mostly harmless, highly dangerous species when not well fed”.
6. Haiku: Nomenclature rocks. Calling stones by the wrong words? That is sew silly.
5. Would you rather have a close encounter with a Mercurian or a Mercurling?
4. Do you think if the could, the stars would sue Hollywood for copyright infringement?
3. Never hire a superstar for any dramatic role, because black holes just attract everything into their mass and then crush them with their gravity.
2.  If you told a joke about nomenclature and no one was there to hear it, would it still be properly sorted for grammar?
… and the #1 Nomenclature joke is:
1. There are no good nomenclature jokes that you can’t label, classify and organize in tables.
Reference: Yasha Harari for