Endless Slaughter in Syria cartoon and Top 10 Inaction on Genocide jokes

“Bashar Assad denies he’s not sticking to the ceasefire. Between every shot, there is a cease fire.” — Yasha Harari

“Top 10 Endless slaughter in Syria jokes”
10. Overheard in the #10 Downing Street: “Help the Syrians?! Bwaaahahahahahaha!”
9. Haiku: The Cease fire failed. Innocents are being killed. The world does not care.
8. Overheard in the Russian Ambassador’s office at the UN: “Help end the slaughter in Syria ? Yes, we’ll send Assad more bombs.”
7. Overheard at the White House: “Help the Syrian revolution for freedom before my re-election? Hahahahahahah.”
6. Overheard in Bashar Assad’s Presidential Palace: “Honey, I don’t care if you have to slaughter 50,000 of your own people. We know who the real dictator in this family is, and I need my online shopping.”
5. Overheard in Kofi Annan’s office: “He’s disrespecting my 6 point plan?! I shall show that President Assad. Next week I shall announce a SEVEN Point Plan!”
4. Overheard at NATO Headquarters: “Interfere in Syria’s Civil War? That’s the UN’s job.”
3. Three Words: Inaction is UN-Diplomatic.
2. Overheard at the Chinese Ambassador’s office at the United Nations: “Help the People of Syria? We already do, by providing their government cheaper alternatives to ordinance”.
… and the #1 Inaction on Genocide joke is:
1. Overheard at the U.N. Security Council: “Help end the massacre in Syria? Meh.”
Reference: Yasha Harari for TheDailyDose.com.