Obama Gun Control Policy cartoon and Top Ten Obama Gun Control jokes

“Why do anti-gun activists want more gun control? Isn’t gun control what you call it when you aim well, shoot well and hit your target?” — Yasha Harari

“Top 10 Obama gun control jokes”
10. Populist: Obama doesn’t push for whatever gun control laws the majority says it wants. Rather, he pushes for whatever gun control laws he says the majority wants.
9. Haiku: Obama gun laws. City and country vary. Don’t like it? Well, shoot.
8. Diplomacy: Most people around the world do not understand how Americans can be so fond of their Right to Bear Arms, even at the cost of tens of thousands of gunshot deaths each year. Then again, most of the world also begs America for guns and butter when times get rough. So to the rest of the world, American gun-owners have a simple message for you: Shut it.
7. Politics: Democrats and Republicans love duking it out over gun control, because it’s an issue that can trigger all sorts of whiz bang outcomes.
6. Lobbyists: The NRA loves seeing the President of the United States firing a rifle at Camp David. It reminds them of just how peaceful it is out in nature, between gunshots.
5. Internet: Gun control will not put an end to Internet spam.
4. Economics: From the Oval Office, it is evidently cheaper to have less gun control, and it causes government bloat and waste to have more of it. Therefore, there should be more of it.
3. Community organizer: If at first you don’t succeed at organizing your community for or against gun control, then you’re really never going to follow in Barack Obama’s footsteps.
2. Healthcare: Republicans are equating Obamacare to Obama’s push for more gun control, because the GOP basically does everything it can to drum up fears of anti-2nd Amendment action.
… and the #1 Obama gun control joke is:
1. Three words: Click. Bang. Dang.
Reference: Yasha Harari for TheDailyDose.com.