President Obama pardons Hamas turkey caricature and Top 10 Thanksgiving jokes

“The Israel-Hamas cease-fire arrived just in time for President Obama to enjoy Thanksgiving without having to think about two groups of people who wear funny head gear and need to survive in a harsh land.” — Yasha Harari

“Top 10 Thanksgiving jokes”
10. Top Chef for Middle East cease-fire negotiations: Egypt’s President Morsy vs. America’s President Obama.
9. Thanksgiving 2012. This year may not be the end of the world as some people had predicted, but it may be the last time you can enjoy fresh-baked Twinkies for dessert.
8. Gathered with his family for Thanksgiving, Mitt Romney is breathing a big sigh of relief that he did not have to negotiate with Hamas.
7. Haiku: Thanksgiving is here. Many folks will eat turkey, and then they will sleep.
6. Limerick: There once was a turkey from Turkey, who some people found kind of quirky. He whistled at night. He gobbled away, and got plump for dinner on Thanksgiving Day.
5. Three words: Everyone loves l-tryptophan.
4. Politicians in Washington, DC were relieved that Hamas and Israel could reach a cease-fire in time for the holidays. It clears their agenda for when they return to squabble about the economy.
3. The problem with Thanksgiving is that it’s always the day before Black Friday, which means you have to wake up early and go shopping, when all you really want to do is sleep in late and be lazy, eating leftovers around the couch and television.
2. When the President of the United States pardons the presidential turkey for the Thanksgiving holiday tradition, it proves that politically correct diplomacy is for the birds.
… and the #1 Thanksgiving joke is:
1. Overheard at the Thanksgiving family dinner table: Stop yammering like an old stuffed cranberry, and hand me those breasts and those thighs before I slice them off myself.
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