18 Years Old and Still Can’t Vote: The Daily Dose Cartoons and Jokes

“It’s been an honor disrupting your work day with laughter for the past 18 years. Here’s to many, many more happy disruptions. Now hit that hot button macro so your boss thinks your doing your job.”
— Yasha Harari

“Top 5 Anti-Rejected Jokes About The Daily Dose Turning 18 Years Old”

5) Wait … this all started out to relieve stress … and you borrowed from Bart Simpson?

4) Three words: Dang, old website!

3) Q: The Daily Dose started when?
A: In 1996, and yes, we had email and the web back then, too, though you pretty much had to crank up the connection by hand and keep turning the wheel for hours to download any page.

2) Haiku:
Jokes and laughter save
money on bad medicine.
Take that, bad doctors.

… and the #1 anti-rejected joke about The Daily Dose turning 18 years old is …

1) Q: Why do people still read The Daily Dose, when it’s not even daily?
A: You’ll never know that, if you have to ask.

Source: Yasha Harari for The Daily Dose.

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