UN Security Council FAIL Olympic Syria cartoon and Top 10 UNSC FAIL jokes

“The latest UN Security Council FAIL was so grand in style, that by granting Assad one more month to kill his own subject, it truly showed off the world body in the worst possible light.” — Yasha Harari

“Top 10 UNSC FAIL jokes”
10. Nothing says unimportant like a UNSC vote.
9. Realpolitik: China and Russia aren’t mad that everyone else in the UNSC wants to punish Assad for his bloodthirsty war in Syria. They’re just disappointed that this will probably be the last Mediterranean fire sale they get to p0wn this Summer.
8. Conspiracy: If YoU wANt to know who is protecting Assad and his regime in Syria, follow the RUBbLE.
7. The UN Security Council would be happy to force a peaceful end to the civil war in Syria, if only they were able to inflict enough paper cuts on Bashar Assad and his cronies.
6. Haiku: UNSC FAIL. That’s when those technocrats know, they’re doing their job.
5. UN-American: You always hear Republicans complain about paying for 22% of the UN bill, and you never hear them take the blame for 22% of its UNSC FAIL rate.
4. UN-diplomatic: If you ever wondered what happened to the kids that got teased in school, look no further than the UN Security Council and its executors of FAIL.
3. Corrupt: To err is human. To totally screw up the world by showing off your political FAIL every day takes a UN Security Council full of corrupt technocrats.
2. Five token rings: The Olympic Games may not have adequate security in London this Summer, and that could not be a news headline if not for the failure of the UN Security Council.
… and the #1 UNSC FAIL joke is:
1. Three words: Might makes wrong.
Reference: Yasha Harari for TheDailyDose.com.