French Presidential Election editorial cartoon and Top 10 French Presidential Election jokes

“Americans think the French Presidential Elections are not manly. After all, Sarkozy and Hollande are in the political fight their careers, and whoever wins, both will still eat quiche.” — Yasha Harari

“Top 10 French Presidential Election jokes”
10. These French elections are like gardening … people use blades to cut roses.
9. Socialist vs. Conservative: France may have its differences in Presidential Election debates, but in the end, all agree the debates are better with wine.
8. Slogan: Drafting French Presidential Election slogans is more popular than their English counterparts, because in France, the political lies all sound so romantic.
7. #OccupyBaguetteBallots – Because the top 1% of bread winners should not own more than half of the famous fresh French bread.
6. Predicting the outcome of the French Presidential Elections is to spend your time trying to #occupyfunlikely facts.
5. #OccupyBrieBallots – Because the Top 1% of French Presidential Candidates should not own more than half of all the cheese in France.
4. French elections … history repeats itself … the co-prince of Andorra vs. the name of the rose.
3. Haiku: Hollande, Sarkozy. They must campaign like crazy. Voters are lazy.
2. Political bedfellows: Prostitution is the oldest profession, and French Presidential Elections are one of most prominent examples of it.
… and the #1 French Presidential Election joke is:
1. Dangerous Liaisons: Defining French politics, since before the French Revolution.
Reference: Yasha Harari for