Colonize Earth cartoon and Top 10 Alien Invader jokes

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“Space invaders have yet to show up to take over the Earth, mostly because humans aren’t worth colonizing.” — Yasha Harari

“Top 10 Alien Invader jokes”
10. Smart outer space alien invaders won’t bother invading Earth. They just wait for us to wipe ourselves out.
9. Vladimir Putin is more worried about a band of punk rock girls named Pussy Riot than he is of a fleet of alien invaders, and with good reason. He doesn’t have to pretend to respect the extraterrestrials’ human rights.
8. The reason you don’t see more alien invader meme remixes is thanks to the Tin Foil Hat Defence Forces.
7. Three words: Aliens lower prices.
6. Alien invaders are trying to take over social networks. The problem is they can’t tell which one is the least waste of time.
5. Is E! the Sci-Fi Network of space alien invaders?
4. Haiku: Aliens invade? The world would be different. Would they need space suits?
3. A team of alien investors pool together a substantial fund to invest in planet Earth through a trusted brokerage firm. They were sorely disappointed when they discovered that their broker had invested primarily in IPO shares of facebook.
2. The NASA Curiosity rover on Mars is just another in a long line of man-made extraterrestrial alien invaders.
… and the Alien Invader joke is:
1. Mitt Romney would love nothing more than for an army of extraterrestrials to visit the White House before his upcoming election against President Obama, because he could use it to prove that the Oval Office has been usurped by an alien invader.
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