Shoestring Theory book title editorial cartoon and Top 10 shoe string  jokes

“Shoe string theory is very convenient, except when you trip over yourself because you forgot to tie your laces.” — Yasha Harari
“Top 10 shoe string jokes”
10. Social Media: Shoe string theory says that all things are connected on a subatomic level. So why does anyone need Social Media? 
9. Physics: Everything is connected. Everything is relative. All relatives have souls. So your soles are connected to your neighbor’s Great Aunt Methuselah, even when she’s cackling and chasing you around with her rolling pin.
8. Internet: If shoestring theory states that everything is connected, then why does my computer say it’s Not Connected to the Internet?
7. Nature: If mankind was meant to use shoestrings, why weren’t we all born with shoes on our feet?
6. Meta-Physics: An object can exist in two places at once, especially if it is tied together by a shoestring.
5. Haiku: Shoestring theory rules shoemaker business models, built upon our soles.
4. Politics: The shoestring theory of politics dictates that you connected to the acts of government even if you can’t tie your shoes. 
3. Capitalism: The shoe string theory of capitalism argues that when the wealth is controlled by the few, there is a tie-down effect to the many.
2. Iambic Pentameter: William Shakespeare wrote many sonnets, his shoe string theory lost in a bonnet.
… and the #1 shoe string joke  is:
1. Occupy: #OccupyShoeStrings is a protest movement against the wealthiest 1% of souls who control the other 99% of soles.
Reference: Yasha Harari for