Sarkozy Obama pressure Abbas and Netanyahu Political cartoon and Top 10 Mideast Peace Process jokes

“September in New York … what better time and place is there to ignore major issues and focus on the neverending story known as the Mideast Peace Process?” — Yasha Harari
“Top 10 Mideast Peace Process jokes”
10. If it walks, talks, looks, smells and sounds like a never ending war, it must be the Middle East Peace Process.
9. Efforts to diffuse the Mideast showdown are a perennial act at the United Nations, because no one can agree on whose felafel balls are the tastiest. 
8. President Obama and President Sarkozy have been pressuring Palestinian President Abbas not to apply for statehood at the U.N., mostly by threatening to veto any such attempt, and by suggesting that there are other options available in the meantime, namely, negotiating the status quo until the Military Industrial Complex figures out the best way to monetize their side of the conflict.
7. Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is terribly worried that the U.N. General Assembly will vote to recognize the State of Palestine, because it would mean the IDF will have to switch from crushing Palestinian terrorist cells to crushing a Palestinian terrorist army.
6. The truth is that the Palestinians are the last people who want to have a state of their own. After all, what donor nation will keep giving the Palestinians annual handouts to produce poorly made bombs and missiles?
5. Close quarters cause tensions, as witnessed in the Middle East Peace Process, and in the halls of the UN Headquarters.
4. Courageous visionaries are required to solve the Mideast Peace Process. The problem is that they’ve pretty much all been violently cowed and blinded by the warring parties. 
3. The easiest way to solve the Mideast Peace Process is to vacate the entire Middle East of human beings, but then what would diplomats grandstand about every time they meet at the U.N.?
2. Never mind the Arab Spring, the tsunami and nuclear disaster in Japan, the terrible state of the world economy. The UN remains vigilantly focused on the sideshow issue of the Mideast Peace Process.
… and the #1 Middle East Peace Process joke  is:
1. As far as the United Nations bureaucrats and political windbags are concerned, when it comes to Mideast Peace, Process is better than Resolution.
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