Founder’s Fourtieth Birthday editorial cartoon and Top 10 Founder’s Birthday jokes

“Nothing says Happy Birthday like a roundhouse kick from a calendar.” — Yasha Harari

“Top 10 Founder’s Day jokes”
10. Founder’s Day at The Daily Dose is a day for the past, present, and future paradoxes to override our usual sense of humor, with a foreboding sense of formality.
9. We had the funniest list of Founder’s Day jokes prepared, until Laughzilla ate them along with the cake.
8. It’s been forty years, and despite billions of keyboards and digital drawing devices, there is still no new Shakespeare as devoted to writing jokes as sonnets as the founder of The Daily Dose.
7. You can tell the Founder of The Daily Dose is getting more creative as time passes. This year he managed to have a whole country celebrate its Independence Day on his Solar orbit bookmark.
6. Our Founder is now generations old … and that makes him funnier and easier for us to laugh at as time goes by.
5. When our Founder found out we were throwing him a surprise party, he booked a trip out of town. Unfortunately, the travel agent arranged for his itinerary to take him to a conference about recovering from failed escapism.
4. Laughzilla accidentally broke our Founder’s Day present with one swift punchline to the funny bone.
3. Founder’s Day: At The Daily Dose, it’s the day when we laugh at our creator for all the smiles he simply gives away.
2. Haiku: Founder’s Day is here. Let us make it very clear. Laugh at our jokes, punk.
… and the #1 Founder’s Day Birthday joke is:
1. Founder’s Day is like a holiday at The Daily Dose, except that none of us celebrate it, because our beloved taskmaster won’t let us rest as long as he has to age.
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