Israel 4 Bs cartoon and Top 10 Israeli Summer jokes

“Palestinians can’t make pita and humus with rockets and bombs, but they can ruin Israeli meals that way.” — Yasha Harari
“Top 10 Israeli Summer jokes”
10. The skies are so clear on a typical Summer day in Israel, that you can almost see common sense in the air.
9. A lot of Israelis are sick and tired of the media attacking their glorious, well-spoken, charismatic leader for his politics, his military strategy, and his lack of concern for the state of the middle class, so they will keep fighting to defend President Obama.
8. If you want a Summertime friend in Jerusalem, get a hot dogma. 
7. Don’t worry, Ben Bernanke, Stanley Fischer stands behind you.
6. Nothing spells Summer in Israel like the delicate sound of sirens, explosions, and the political loudmouths spouting off an endless stream of uselessness.
5. INFLATION: Israel Needs Formidable Leaders And Truly Innovative Ombudsmen Now.
4. Would wars rage in the Israeli Summer if Jesus had been born in an infertile crescent?
3. Glenn Beck has compared the Israeli tent protesters to Communists, which is idiotic considering their capitalist-driven act of demanding lower market prices from a legacy Socialist oligarchy.
2. Bibi Netanyahu loves August. He knows it’s the perfect time to sweep the demands of the people under the rug of warfare.
… and the #1 Israeli Summer joke is:
1. Welcome to Israel. If you can’t take the heat, get out of the felafel shop.
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