Rick Perry cartoon and top 10 Rick Perry jokes

“Rick Perry wants to be President of the United States, so that your children can grow up to thank God for their right to carry guns at work.” — Yasha Harari
“Top 10 Rick Perry jokes”
10. Rick Perry created more jobs as Governor of Texas than practically the entire rest of the United States, so if he becomes President, expect him to make more jobs than all of China.
9. Rick Perry believes that Americans need to pray to God to be great again, which begs the question, why is a man who prays so much, not so great?
8. Rick Perry is nothing like his GOP rival Michele Bachmann. For one thing, he looks terrible in a dress.
7. Rick Perry is lobbying the Religious Right so much, even they think he’s starting to sound unelectable.
6. Governor Rick Perry … sounds better for America than President Rick Perry.
5. President Rick Perry … sounds worse than President Mitt Romney.
4. President Rick Perry … sounds better than President Michele Bachmann.
3. Governor Rick Perry … sounds worse than former Governor Rick Perry.
2. President Rick Perry … sounds as bad as President Barack Obama. The former is a Creationist and Dominionist Christian Evangelical. The latter is ‘fixing’ the economy for all his Ivy League friends. Both stink at Badminton. 
… and the #1 Rick Perry joke is:
1. Rick Perry likes blowing things up with grenade launchers. President Obama likes blowing things up with record-high deficit spending.
Reference: Yasha Harari for TheDailyDose.com