The Dalai Llama cartoon and Top 10 dalai lama jokes

“The Dalai Lama cancelled a trip to South Africa due to visa issues. Apparently the government makes these sorts of problems now and Zen.'” — Yasha Harari

“Top 10 Dalai Lama jokes”

10. The Dalai Lama could fix the world economy, if only people would trade change with karma.
9. The Dalai Lama has a hard time shaking off his title as a living god, mostly because his followers point out that he’s still alive.
8. If you ask the Dalai Lama for some spare change, he will tell you that all the change you need is in your empty pocket and your full heart.
7. Bumper sticker on the Dalai Lama’s car: I brake for everything.
6. If the Dalai Lama was a Llama in a past life, will he be a Dolly in the next life?
5. A Priest, a Rabbi and the Dalai Lama are discussing spirituality when the Priest says “We are all sinners”. To which the Rabbi says, “We are all special” and the Dalai Lama retorts, “Everyone is everything”.
4. The Dalai Lama walks into a Chinese Restaurant, but the waiters don’t recognize him. 
3. Would you rather be the Dalai Llama or the Dolly Lama?
2. The Dalai Lama walks into a bar, and immediately spirits are lifted.
… and the #1 Dalai Lama joke  is:
1. After the Dalai Lama asked the hot dog vendor to make him one with everything, the vendor replied, “There’s a request I relish.”
Reference: Yasha Harari for