Career Counselor cartoon and Top 10 Career Counseling jokes

Career counseling is the art of telling someone to work in a job they can do, especially if they don’t want to.'” — Yasha Harari
“Top 10 Career Counseling jokes”
10. Odd Career Counseling Ad: Got six arms? Become a Juggler, Waiter or Stenographer. Maybe even a professional athlete in the MLB, NBA, NHL or NFL.
9. After 33 years, Andy Rooney signed off as the regular wry wit on “60 Minutes” for the last time, and said he’s not retiring. Anyway at his age, that’s exactly what a career counselor would advise that great old curmudgeon to do.
8. Who does a career counselor turn to for career counseling?
7. A surprisingly hard-to-resist call girl goes to a career counseling meeting. Twenty minutes later she walks out, still unemployed, and $300 richer.
6. To whom would a career counselor advise career counseling as a career?
5. Haiku: Career counseling. Because you’re still out of work, and you have more bills.
4. Career Counseling Help Wanted Ad: Opinionated? Think you know what’s best for everyone else? Try a career as a Career Counselor and start getting paid to tell people what to do with themselves. 
3. Iambic Pentameter: Your time to find a great new job is now. Career Counseling could help you somehow.
2. Internet: Career Counseling now refers to network administration as digital plumbing.
… and the #1 Career Counseling joke  is:
1. Physicists don’t make great career counselors, because the only people who could possibly understand them are already employed, and anyway the concept of a career is relative.
Reference: Yasha Harari for