9/11 Editorial cartoon and Top 10 Things To Remember because of 9/11 jokes

“It’s been ten years since the 9/11 attacks on America. Pity the poor bastards born on the day, who will never have an entirely normal happy birthday celebration.” — Yasha Harari
“Top 10 Things to remember because of 9/11 jokes”
10. 9/11 taught America that it should always remember those who perished on that infamous day, and never stop going after the countries that were involved, at least until there are Wal*Mart and McDonald’s stores in their countries.
9. Wall Street can be attacked, but it won’t stop the global financial markets from operating, and it’s Wall Street money that eventually pays for the military’s revenge.
8. The Pentagon can be attacked, but it won’t stop the American military from operating, and it’s the military’s manpower that eventually executes the people’s revenge.
7. America has a responsibility to preserve and protect its view of human rights, by hunting down and killing those who would attack America.
6.Ten years after 9/11, folks still remember the victims of the attacks, and still can’t properly pronounce the names of the terrorists who committed them.
5. If you only remember one thing because of 9/11, have your memory checked. 
4. Remember that the first responders to the 9/11 attacks were people just like you and me. The difference being that they had the courage to go into a hellish inferno of destruction to save people, and we didn’t.
3. Many of the most pious Americans who survived the attacks of 9/11 believe it is their personal responsibility to forgive those who committed the attacks of 9/11, and their government’s job to go kill more terrorists.
2. Because of 9/11, we all live a little less free, and it’s a little harder to fly if your name is Mohammed.
… and the #1 Thing to Remember because of 9/11 joke is:
1. Terrorists take lives by offense. Armed Forces take lives by government order. The sadness would end if people would just stop taking lives.
Reference: Yasha Harari for TheDailyDose.com