Islamic State vs. Medicine Editorial Cartoon and Top 5 Silly Medicine joke

“Over the past few years, IS has reportedly killed more people than sharks, and far less than pharmaceuticals and bad medical practice.”
— Yasha Harari

“Top 5 ridiculous things about medicine and big pharma”

5) Salaries, stock prices, profit and shareholder value (ROI) are the four main ingredients to any medical or pharmaceutical formula.

4) Three words: Wealthcare, not healthcare.

3) Q: How can you tell a doctor from a pharmaceutical executive?
A: One is just an incompetent, greedy buffoon out to rip you off. The other incompetent, greedy buffoon has the decency to rip you off to your face.

2) Haiku:
Doctors and Pharma
Don’t exist to make you well.
Though they love your cash.

… and the #1 ridiculous thing about medicine and big pharma is …

1) Q: Why do lawyers love doctors and pharmaceutical researchers?
A: They’re job creators. Every doctor creates at least two medical malpractice lawyers.

Source: Yasha Harari for The Daily Dose.

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