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Polar Pig Editorial Cartoon and Top Ten Polar Vortex jokes

As if Winter wasn’t enough of an angry bird on its own, now they’ve gone and given America the Polar Pig, because frozen pork is just as important to the economy as the kind cooked up by politicians. — Yasha Harari

“Top 10 Polar Pig jokes”

10. Chuck Norris: The Polar Pig is not afraid of anything, except Chuck Norris.

9. Will Smith: Q: How do you find Will Smith after the Polar Vortex hits?  A: Look for the Fresh Prints.

8. Culinary: Polar pig is now served. CAUTION: This Dish Is Served Ice Cold.

7. Q & A: Q: Why did the polar pig cross the country? A: It was being chased by the Interpolar angry bird.

6. Politics: The polar pig was not conceived as any part of government legislation, because that would just be too obvious a target for government pork joke.

5. Two Words: Got Cold?

4. Americana: Q: What did the Polar pig say to the hungry Hollywood homeless man? A: Chill out. When I blow through your town you can have some freshly frozen Kevin Bacon.

3. Haiku: A polar vortex is a polar pig of sorts, without the fat jokes.

2. Observational: A polar vortex is to a polar pig what a rose is to another name, except the winter vortex smells nicer than the porker.

… and the #1 Polar vortex joke is:

1. Lexicon: As if it wasn’t bad enough that we had to add polar vortex to our vocabulary this Winter, now they’ve added Polar Pig, and that has upset the Jews and Muslims, who are now fighting over who will get to own the next Mideastern Meat weather event.

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Note: No actual polar pigs were maimed, killed, tortured, harmed, threatened, harrassed or otherwise subject to inclement environmental conditions during the production of these jokes. The comic climate presented in this edition was not subject to the weather effects of Greenland, Antarctica, Iceland, or any other frozen locale. All Polar Pigs herein volunteered to participate in this productoin, and their names and identities may or may not have been transmogrified for editorial porpoises. Any similarity between the polar pigs read, seen or misconstrued here and any actual polar vortex is completely intentional, and you should really have your head examined if you think there is a plot against the people by the winter weather.