President Obama’s American Jobs Act Political cartoon and Top 10 American Jobs Act jokes

“President Obama’s American Jobs Act is wildly popular with nations competing with America, because it’s about as likely to succeed as all the other great spending bills he’s pushed through Congress.” — Yasha Harari
“Top 10 American Jobs Act jokes”
10. President Obama is confident that the American Jobs Act will provide hundreds of thousands, possibly millions of key jobs to illegal migrant workers and unemployed NASA engineers.
9. Nobody thinks that the American Jobs Act will fix the economy, but it can’t make it much worse at this point, either.
8. Warren Buffet and his fellow super wealthy friends were promised higher taxes, which they’ve asked for. More proof that the richest people are always getting their way.
7. President Obama asked for Congress to pass his American Jobs Act “Right Now” so many times during his special speech, that by the time the speech ended, so had the moment in which he wanted his bill passed.
6. It takes no rocket scientist to realize that America’s economy always does better when taxes are lowered, businesses are allowed to operate without stifling regulation, and there are wars in foreign countries.
5. You can laugh all you want, but you know that President Obama is right when he says that there are many jobs American can go right now, if only they would be happy as minimum wage fry cooks, landscapers and garbage collectors. 
4. Putting people back to work in factories, on roads, in classrooms … these are all wonderful idea. The problem is finding people actually qualified to do the jobs well, and without the forethought of realizing that government jobs are a drain on the economy.
3. Maybe it’s just me, but I think it’s a little strange for a Harvard educated Law School scholar, best selling author, millionaire President of the United States, to be telling America just how well he relates to their lives.
2. Many people look forward to the American Jobs Act become law, including China, India, Brazil, and other emerging global markets.
… and the #1 American Jobs Act joke is:
1. Government does not make or break economies, but you won’t hear any candidate admit that.
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