Obama’s naughty nice list for Santa Claus editorial cartoon and political Christmas jokes

“At least there was no Christmas bomber this year.” — Yasha Harari

“Top 10 political Christmas jokes”
10. Independents: Independent voters support all holidays, not just Christmas, as long as H. Ross Perot can beta test each one before they are rolled out.
9. Two words: Christmas sucks.
8. Democrats: The Democratic party is happy to support Christmas events with taxpayer funds, as long as the manger in the nativity scene has a fully complimented healthcare center.
7. Haiku: Santa Claus dropped by, gave Congress a fiscal cliff, and went home, laughing.
6. Republicans: The Tea Party may not have much sway in the Republican Party, but they have managed to take control of Christmas  thanks to the fact that they own the Fox News Channel.
5. Cultural: If there is a war on Christmas, Santa Claus is winning, and you can blame the godless merchants who market his wares and the flock of sheep who buy their goods.
4. Business: Business owners hate Christmas when sales are low, because they have to keep paying regular salaries in order not to come off as being the Grinch.
3. Politics: Washington, DC at Christmas time is at a standstill, with politicians on the left and the right arguing over who should carve up the economy … err … Christmas ham.
2. Lobbyists: Foggy Bottom is full of fat and happy lobbyists at Christmas time, when they have so little time in the year left to burn up political slush funds.
… and the #1 political Christmas is:
1. Three words: Vote Santa Claus.
Reference: Yasha Harari for TheDailyDose.com.