The Chemical Weapons Red Line political cartoon and Top Ten Obama vs. Assad jokes

The Red Line (of a conservative media mogul) : Now that Rupert Murdoch’s third wife has filed for divorce, expect the U.S., the U.K., French and Australian forces to lend a hand at a putsch in Damascus. — Yasha Harari

“Top 10 Obama vs. Assad jokes”
10. Tyranny: You can accuse Bashar Assad of many things, but you can not accuse him of the same Big Brother NSA surveillance tyranny that Obama has continued to use against Americans.
9. Populism: Obama does things in spite of populist issues. Assad does things to spite populist issues.
8. Power: If heads of state aren’t in it for the power, it’s only because they have already secured a great deal with their local electric companies.
7. Haiku: Obama loves law. Assad loves breaking the law. They need each other.
6. Fame: Obama became President of the United States and his career shot up from impressive to truly famous political celebrity. Assad became President of Syria and his career shot down from scary eye doctor to infamous political demon.
5. Intelligence: According to Barack Obama’s government, U.S. Intell has proven that there are WMDs at play once again in the Middle East, and that Syria’s government troops have crossed the so-called red line. According to Bashar Assad’s government, that same intelligence report simply omitted to mention that the WMDs in question are actually Weapons of Media Deception.
4. Tradition: Tradition dictates that one does not compare the POTUS with a third rate, two-bit, first class A-hole, except when the latter is threatening to make the Russians important in geopolitics again.
3. Wealth: Obama earned his wealth from his brilliant hybrid of politics and writing books. Assad earned his wealth from the source of Syrian capital, be inheriting his position as a brutal dictator.
2. Democracy: Obama says he loves democracy, even if he bears the hallmarks of a socialist. Assad says he loves democracy, even if he bears the hallmarks of a mass-murdering madman, like a rabid backed into a corner and lashing out before he and his ilk are exterminated by the marauding hordes of his enemies.
… and the #1 Obama vs. Assad joke is:
1. Three Words: First Name’s: Ba****.
Reference: Yasha Harari for