Medical Remedy cartoon and Top 10 medicinal remedy jokes

Government run medicine and healthcare is a remedy for bored accountants.” — Yasha Harari
“Top 10 medicinal remedy jokes”
10. If you believe that witch’s herb and potions balm will fix your broken bone, there is a lovely beach in South Dakota you might be interested in buying.
9. Medicinal Marijuana became the first issue of public address on the world wide web to pass the threshold for mandatory response from the Obama White House. If they don’t comment it’s because they will pass.
8. People who believe that ground tiger claws or shark fin are a valid medicinal remedy should first consider the real benefits of eating keratin and cartilage, and then eat their own hair, nails and ears.
7. If you think that current extreme right wing has the answer to all political problems in America and sail ahead to a glorious future, then you’re consuming too much of the Teatanic medicinal remedy.
6. Michael Moore movies are a medicinal remedy to people to seek inaccuracy in media.
5. The extreme left wing is as much a medicinal remedy to America’s political woes as a hammer is to a bruised finger.
4. FOX News Channel is a medicinal remedy to people who want to be hip, conservatively. 
3. If you are what you eat, then why isn’t a popular medicinal remedy cannibalism of genius brains?
2. Would your rather have one great talent, or guaranteed access to any medicinal remedy you might need?
… and the #1 medicinal remedy joke  is:
1. An actual medicinal remedy works because of science. Placebos work because the brain and psychology are strong stuff. Just consider sugar, and dogma.
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