Gun lobby vs. empty chair editorial cartoon and gun law jokes

“If the gun lobby really wanted to help reduce the number of gun related deaths, they could simply offer to make bullets cost five grand a piece, or just ban people.” — Yasha Harari

“Top 10 gun law jokes”
10. 7 Day Waiting Period Law: The law to put a week-long delay on certain gun purchases was enacted to prevent women on their monthly period from doing anything rash which they might regret the next week.
9. Two words: Bullet registry.
8. NRA: The National Rifle Association is sure that the best way to keep the number of gun related deaths to a minimum is education. Because you know, in a fit of rage, just before shooting someone, every homicidal maniac will naturally calmly think to refer to those gun ownership and handling classes.
7. Smith & Wesson: Half of you love us. Half of you hate us. We must be doing something right.
6. Smith & Wesson Reloaded: What are you going to reach for when the next psycho killer comes a’ knockin’ at your door?
5. Haiku: The gun lobby cries. So do the folks in Newtown. People kill people.
4. Business: Anti-gun activists want to wage war on the business of guns. Of course, being unarmed, those activists don’t have much of a chance to win.
3. Politics: If guns are problematic because of political issues, then the solution is obvious: Ban politics.
2. Lobbyists: Guns don’t kill people.  Bullets kill people.
… and the #1 gun law joke is:
1. Three words: Bang! Bang!  … … … Bang!
Reference: Yasha Harari for