Listeria cartoon and Top 10 medical hysteria jokes

Listeria is spreading like the germs that they are. Stay Calm and Carry On.” — Yasha Harari
“Top 10 medical hysteria jokes”
10. It’s hard for the CDC to scare the people too much about the threat of Listeria, because it may cause millions of people to stop fighting gingivitis with Listerine.
9. You might think Listeria is something to fuel mass hysteria, but they you probably watch a lot of TV.
8. The surest way to prevent a Listeria hysteria is to have the government mandate social justice for its distribution.
7. If you think the mass media doesn’t capitalize on medical hysteria, google the word Listeria.
6. Would America be suffering from medical hysteria, if a reincarnated Charles Darwin were President?
5. If you were a CDC scientist who drove a minivan, would you Pimp Yo’ Ride with a mobile medical hysteria lab in the back?
4. Medical hysteria is to the annual news cycle as fruits are to seasons. There are some bad bunches in every harvest.
3. Don’t think you can avoid medical hysteria by avoiding the facts. More people will fall victim to microbiological diseases today than will listen to old Dick Van Dyke records all year.
2. It is never a great time to fall prey to medical hysteria, unless you’re a hypochondriac.
… and the #1 medical hysteria joke  is:
1. If it walks, talks, and acts like medical hysteria, it must be that special time of year for fear of Listeria.
Reference: Yasha Harari for