facebook editorial cartoon and Top 10 ever changing facebook jokes

“The changes on facebook keep it fresh … like myspace and friendster before them.” — Yasha Harari
“Top 10 ever changing facebook jokes”
10. Lots of users complained the last time facebook made big changes. Finally, just when everyone got used to it, facebook changed everything again and upset even more users. Proof that Mark Zuckerberg is a PR genius.
9. You might not like the changes made recently at facebook, but at least they didn’t change their oh-so-creative logo. 
8. If you think the constant changes on facebook had no effect on their traffic, then why are you reading this on another site?
7. The ever changing facebook is like the Republican party. It can’t decide which face its followers prefer.
6. The Social Network is getting rather tired of the gimmicky unending changes on facebook. Will G+ be the star of the sequel?
5. Like this page or share it on the ever changing facebook if you don’ t like the changes on facebook.
4. The ever changing facebook continues to gain critics and grow in terms of users. Proof that they’re doing something right. 
3. President Obama said that the American economy could be fixed if there were a thousand more companies like facebook. Just like Solyndra.
2. The architects of the ever changing facebook are already hard at work developing a new change that will add vital information in your news stream, including when your friends and family last changed their underwear.
… and the #1 ever changing facebook joke  is:
1. If you think that the ever changing facebook is great, you must not have used facebook much lately.
Reference: Yasha Harari for TheDailyDose.com