Dark Palestine Dream political cartoon and Top 10 future Palestinian jokes

“Palestinian comedians have written tons of great jokes about a Future Palestine – but they exploded up in work accident.” — Yasha Harari
“Top 10 Future Palestine jokes”
10. In the future, Palestine will be open to all … except Jews.
9. In a future Palestine, everyone will be entitled to jet-packs and floating sky cities, and everything will be hi-tech, and it will last, as long as they take out all the embedded self-destruct ordinance.
8. The future of Palestine depends less on Dreams of their Fathers, and more on dark dreams of killing Israelis.
7. The Future Palestine will be equitable, with liberty and justice for all, except Jews.
6. The Future of Palestine believes that Palestinians and Israelis should be separated so that their nation can develop without conflict, which is why NASA just announced its newest mission: Build a rocket large enough to transport the entire PLO and Hamas to Mars, aka:The Bringer of War.
5. The future Palestinians will be glad to finally have a nation of their own, where they can be cowed into submission, oppression and fear by their very own terror-sponsoring dictators. 
4. In the future, Palestine will rewrite all of its history books – again – to teach their children the most updated, incorrect revisionist history they can afford.
3. The State of Future Palestine will have a GDP far exceeding its needs, as long as donor countries keep getting suckered into bailing out the deficit spending of the bankrupt ideologies known as the PLO and Hamas terrorist groups.
2. The Future Palestine will be a pleasant, lovely, charming, picturesque, quaint for every Islamic Jihadi Shaheed to visit, especially after the Palestinians remove every last trace of the thousands of years of Jewish presence in Judea and Samaria.
… and the #1 Future Palestine joke is:
1. In the future, if a peace agreement is ever signed between Palestinians and Israelis, something will happen that has never, ever happened before: There will be a State of Palestine.
Reference: Yasha Harari for TheDailyDose.com