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President Obama began tweeting as @POTUS today, but he’s not the first person to use that name on Twitter. That honor goes to San Franciso-based Steve D’Alimonte, program director a youth-media/violence prevention organization and freelance video producer. James Liam Cook of Business Insider uncovered the connection: There was a Twitter user with the @POTUS username back in 2008. (He’s now @stevedalimonte) pic.twitter.com/pipb9DUu8G — James Cook (@JamesLiamCook) May 18, 2015 And Steve confirmed it: It’s true @JamesLiamCook I was the original @POTUS — Steve D’Alimonte (@stevedalimonte) May 18, 2015 You’re welcome for the handle @POTUS. I accept green cards as thank you…

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